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The company

DATAlysis is a young and dynamic company founded in 2016 by Gianni Ceresa in Switzerland. The concept behind this entity is to provide a different kind of consulting to customers, challenging predefined rules and concepts users apply “just because …” or even worst “because they told/teach me so …”. Many companies have been and are unsatisfied with the quality of the consulting they receive, often partners act more as body shopping entities than partners providing experts playing a key role in a project.

We aim to be your expert partner, the one you know you can count on to change things and challenge things, the one going beyond the limits of pre-packaged solutions, going past the out of the box features to disclose you all the potentiality of your solutions.

Gianni Ceresa

Founder and owner of DATAlysis, Gianni is an data enthusiast more widely interested in Business Analytics/DW/EPM solutions with a special focus on Oracle products and solutions. In 2017 he has been chosen to receive the Oracle ACE award, and the Oracle ACE Director award in 2019. Before to start his new journey with DATAlysis he was a Principal Consultant at Rittman Mead in UK for more than three years, covering positions such as architect, analyst, team lead and developer, bridging together the business and the technical side of the BI world.

Gianni previously has had four years of experience in EPM/BI with Hyperion/Oracle products for few consultancy companies in Switzerland and before that explored all the possible aspects of web development during five years in multiple roles from developer to CTO through project manager (being a great experience to master nowadays data visualisation javascript libraries).

His other activities include training delivery, R&D and participating in the Oracle community, spending lot of time on IRC channels like #obihackers on Freenode and addicted to ODC forums where he is one of the leaders of the Business Intelligence communities supporting others. Last but not least he presents at many major conferences.

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DATAlysis - Business Analytics consulting focusing on OAS and OBIEE and other Oracle tool.

Founded by Gianni Ceresa