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End of 2017 conferences

After 3 conferences in the first part of the year (Finland, Italy, Netherlands) we can now announce the conferences where we will be speaking at for the end of 2017. DOAG 2017, November 21-24, Nürnberg (Germany) UKOUG Tech 17, December 4-6, Birmingham (UK) Topics for...

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First conferences for 2017 announced

2016 has been a nice year for conferences speaking for me: OUG Norway first, Chicago for Kscope16 then, followed by OUG Bulgaria then and finally closing with UKOUG Tech 16. 2017 sounded a bit more challenging as the "trend" topics for conference selection committees...

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I’m speaking at UKOUG Tech16 in Birmingham

Birmingham in December, a lovely city with a great weather I heard. If you are in the are Monday 5th December and you, by mistake, wake up not too late I have good idea for you: come listen my session at UKOUG Tech16 ! I will be presenting at UKOUT Tech16 Monday 5th...

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It’s time for Kscope16 !

I have landed in Chicago yesterday (Friday) and spent the evening and part of the day to acclimate myself to the different timezone and also to visit a bit the city. This is one of the great aspects of Kscope: it's itinerant and move each year in a different place. I...

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Meet us at Kscope16

Meet us in Chicago (US) end of June at Kscope16 ! I will be speaking at this year Kscope, one of the best conference about Oracle tools, about OBIEE security. A must-attend session for any OBIEE developer, administrator or project team member to get all the key...

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