Birmingham in December, a lovely city with a great weather I heard. If you are in the are Monday 5th December and you, by mistake, wake up not too late I have good idea for you: come listen my session at UKOUG Tech16 !

I will be presenting at UKOUT Tech16 Monday 5th December at 09h00 in Birmingham

The topic is the one I already presented at Kscope16 in Chicago last June, OBIEE security. Nothing better to start a Monday morning with…

OBIEE Security: It’s A Jungle Out There

OBIEE developer or administrator, manager, or user – the security of the data displayed as well as the functionality available is the most crucial thing to get right. Whether on OBIEE 11g or 12c, security is all too often the same story: Sounds simple, but many developers underestimate the complexity of a coherent, comprehensive, and successful system-wide security strategy.
Often the final solution is a mix of simple or no security and complex “tactical” solutions (hacks), and each new additional project just adds more chaos.

In this session, we will discuss in detail the different security layers of OBIEE (RPD, Presentation Service, and Catalog), and a standard and universal approach will be offered. This solution is able to match most requirements while remaining flexible enough to be extended for the most extreme needs. From the small departmental setup to a full corporate BI solution: a single model to rule them all.

It’s not the most sexy topic, people generally don’t like it, but it’s actually a vital aspect of every single OBIEE implementation and project: if you manage your security fine you have good chances to be successful. If you decide it’s not important your project can just be canceled because not providing the required limitation in access to data and reports etc.


I'm speaking at UKOUG Tech16

Come listen to my session !

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